December 5, 2021


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Using Keto to Increase Energy, Burn Fat and Feel Good with Ben Azadi | Live Free Podcast

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In this episode we sat down with Ben Azadi, former co-owner of Live Free and founder of Keto Kamp, best selling author of Keto Flex where we discuss

– Why keto is not a diet, it is a metabolic process
– The best foods to have on keto for weight loss, vs the worst foods
– The role of electrolytes on keto and minerals when in ketosis
– How to support the liver for healthy bile production
– Why toxins interfere with weight loss
– What to do if you hit a keto weight loss stall
– & More!

Make sure to get a copy of his latest book Keto Flex: The 4 Secrets to Reduce Inflammation, Burn Fat & Reboot Your Metabolism ⬇️

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